Tour of Mont Blanc – Day 10

Day 10


Col de la Forclaz – Argentiere

There are two route options from Col de la Forclaz. One of them is shorter but you need to climb down and then up again. The alternative path which we took was a bit longer but there was no descent and the views were astonishing. The path basically went around the valley instead of going through it.

Looking through binocle
Hiking Col de Balme

We reached refuge Les Grands from which a beautiful view with a glacier appeared. The path after that was a bit rocky and there were places where you had to use chains to pull yourself up. As a whole we were glad we had chosen the alternative.

Reaching refuge Les Grands
Stone wall Les Grands
Mounts near Col de Balme
Hiking to Col de Balme
Alps sheeps

We had our lunch at Col de Balme. It was really cold and clouds hid the view to Mon Blanc. On our way down we passed by some sheep and goats. Reaching Le Tour we decided to take a bus to Argentiere and spent the night at a camping.

Man in the Alps
Mountain path apls
Mountain path Alps

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