Tour of Mont Blanc – Day 1

Tour of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and there are a lot of things to see and do around it. One of those things is the Tour of Mont Blanc which we had never heard about until then. It is a hiking walk around the Mont Blanc massif with about 170 kilometers of spectacular views. The TMB passes through France, Italy and Switzerland which all have a lot to show. Our decision to do the TMB was somewhat spontaneous but the instant we got there we fell in love with the place and it’s hard not to…

We had a thorough guide about the Tour with explanation for both directions – clock and anti-clockwise. There are signs everywhere and it’s hard to get lost but the guide has useful information about distances, walking time and accommodation.

We flew to Geneva and took a bus to Chamonix, France. There are a few companies that offer easy transport from the airport to the place you’re staying at. We used Alpy bus and Chamonix.  Chamonix is a beautiful resortlike town situated in a valley at the base of the Mont Blanc massif. It’s a ski resort in the winter but in the summertime it provides a wide range of activities like mountain biking, paragliding, climbing etc.

Day 1


Chamonix – La Villette

The first stage didn’t seem very interesting because the path follows the road down the valley so we decided to take a bus to Les Houches. Unfortunately we missed it by a few seconds and ended up walking anyway. There were nice things to see like rock climbers, nice lakes and forest roads. At noontime we began a two hour ascent which was a bit hard for a first day when you have no training at all. There was a refuge at the top of the summit but it was already closed. Some railway tracks pass nearby and there’s a cute little cabin.

We continued downhill along a back road with wooden houses, little rain and sunset, it was very beautiful. A bit later we took a wrong turn and ended up in Le Champel instead of La Villette. It was already past 8 pm and dark so we just knocked on some random house’s front door to ask if we could camp in their yard. Instead a really nice guy had a few stories for us and showed us the way. Half an hour later we put up our tent in the backyard of some house.

Follow the story with Day 2.

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