Tour of Mont Blanc – Days 8 and 9

Day 8


La Fouly – Champex

The night was so cold that ice had covered our tent and we spent almost the entire morning drying it. Once we got on the road the walk was really pleasant – nice weather, walking through a forest and beautiful valleys. We passed a few villages which looked like they came out from a fairytale.

House in Switzerland
Houses in Switzerland valley

We got to Issert and had at least two more hours of walking ahead of us. Since our day was going so easy we decided get a bus to Champex. We hitchhiked to Orsieres and then took a bus to Champex Lac.

We got the the crystal watered lake around 5 pm and the stores were already closed. Actually there’s only one store that works from 8:30 till 12 am. We found the camping where we met a really nice Dutch couple and talked till sundown. After eating our last food we spent another really cold night in the tent.

Man on a forest path
Champex Lac

Day 9


Champex – Col de la Forclaz

After buying food and drying our tent we set off again. The walk stared easy with a walk through the valley. Then a two and a half hour ascent followed which was not so easy but really beautiful.

Forest near Champex Lac
Forest near Champex Lac

Sadly on our way we encountered hunters and a shot deer roe. Apparently the season was open. On our way down to Col de la Forclaz rain started again and we just kept walking fast. We rented a room and really enjoyed sleeping in warm a bed after two bitter cold nights.

Hiker on forest path
View over town

More of the tour with Day 10.

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