Tour of Mont Blanc – Days 4 and 5

Day 4


Refuge Elisabetta – camping Aiguille Noire

We started on our way around 9:30 walking through one of the most beautiful stages of the tour in a really dense fog. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. The still lakes and the fog made it look like we were walking in a dream. We took our time and when the fog started clearing we really enjoyed the view.

The path took us to a valley following a river at the base of the Mont Blanc massif. The cliffs peaked for hundreds of meters and made us feel tiny. We fell in love with the place and while cooking a tasty lunch we decided to stay at the nearest camp – camping Aiguille Noire.

Day 5


A day in Courmayeur

After enjoying some of the best croissants we’ve ever tasted on the next morning we decided to stay one more night at the camp and visit Courmayeur – the Italian version of Chamonix. We spent the day walking around the town, relaxing and eating the best pizza in the Alpes.

The story continues with Day 6.

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