Tour of Mont Blanc – Day 6

Day 6


Courmayeur – Refuge Bonatti

The path after Courmayeur starts with a two hour climb which provides magnificent views. We had lunch at a summit opposite Mont Blanc. After eating we spent about an hour just admiring the view. The walk afterwards was really pleasant – lots of berries and amazing sceneries.

Girl looking view
Man looking Mount Blanc

Unfortunately a thunderstorm was closing in and we had to find a place to hide from the heavy rain. What we found was apparently a sheep shelter full of feces but we didn’t have much choice. It wasn’t that bad in the end as a group of American hikers came and we had a nice chat.

Mountain ridge
Hikers opposite Mont Blanc
Cloudy Mont Blanc
Hiker forest path

After the storm passed we headed on our way again. At one point we had a clear view of the Mont Blanc. Clouds were surrounding the peak because of the stormy weather and it was amazing how the view changed every 10 seconds. We were really lucky to witness that moving picture. With a little more walking we reached refuge Bonatti at sunset.

Refuge Bonatti was probably the best refuge we visited. It had a very useful drying room and along the other conveniences it was the most modern refuge we’ve seen until now. Bonatti also has an amazing view and really friendly staff.

Man staring Mont Blanc

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