Tour of Mont Blanc – Day 3

Day 3


Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme – Refuge Elisabetta

It was a really long day as we made a 21 km walk and almost got lost in the fog in the end. We started the easy descent to Les Chapieux not minding the light rain. The refuge at Les Chapieux had already closed but there was a store with locally made cheese which was delicious.

We continued our way through a beautiful valley passing a small blue lake and several cow farms. The path to Chalet-Refuge des Mottets was easy and there were tasty strawberries everywhere. We got to Mottes around 16:00 and while having tea we were wondering whether we should continue or not. In the end we decided to continue all the way to Refuge Elisabetta which meant another 4 hours of walking, 2 of which were a steep ascent.

Climbing to Col de la Segne, where we crossed in to Italy, was tough as we had heavy rain and strong wind against us. Short after the peak we reached a closed refuge and had a break inside its shelter. Our walk after that was in a dense fog and as it started getting dark we started to wonder whether we would reach the refuge or not.

We arrived at some deserted buildings where the path split in two. After spending a few minutes wondering which way to go we ended up calling Refuge Elisabetta. It turned out it was some 200 meters uphill but we couldn’t see its lights because of the dense fog. Good food, red wine and a hot shower are a real treat after a day like that.

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