One day hike to Cherni vrah

One day hike to Cherni vrah, Vitosha


The weather was so nice last weekend that we decided to climb to Vitosha’s highest peak – Cherni vrah. Even though it was sunny and warm in Sofia the wind and snow on Vitosha’s plateau made it look like a polar desert. It was really cold but really beautiful.

We decided to start the hike from hotel Moreni. To get there you can take bus 66 from Sofia – here’s more information. If you have the luxury to go with a car (as we did) you should get there before 10 am because when the parking spaces get filled they close the road and you have to walk much more.

Arctic desert at Cherni vrah Outsighters

The hike began with a short climb through a forest and passed by Goli vrah restaurant. Once we got out of the forest we felt how strong and cold the wind actually was. It even turned out there was a snowkite festival organised. There were people riding around and even going uphill by kiting.

Snowkite festival outsighters
Snowkite festival

The walk to Cherni vrah lodge was not so pleasant but still very beautiful. Probably the best part of the whole hike was getting to the lodge itself. Inside were all these people just having a lunch or drinking warm tea and talking to each other. Through the few small windows you could see dim sunlight and just remember the storm outside while enjoying a traditional dish.

The Lonely Tree Outsighters
Climbing alone Cherni vrah
Iceface at Cherni vrah
Skiers climbing
Cherni vrah lodge

After we warmed up we started the walk back and it was much more pleasant. On the way we admired the snow and ice statues that wind had made, it really looked like an arctic desert. More and more people were gathering at the snowkite fest and it was interesting to watch how they move.

After about an hour when we were near the forest again we saw people with dog sleds. It’s interesting to see the different hobbies people have. Their dogs were very beautiful as well.

Sleddog blue eyes
Sled dogs in snow

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